Your customer is hot!

Over the last year, we’ve had clients ask us to find high quality cooler bags that they can gift at warm weather events and conferences. This request often followed by, “can you find me Yeti?” we’re familiar with Yeti and of course, we’re happy to deliver on these requests, but the problem is always budget. The large cooler bag from Yeti is close to $250, which in most cases is just too expensive. We’re all for great quality, but we can also appreciate the reality of cost. There are great bags out there, but its challenging to find a bag at a more economical price that also meets the quality of valued customers.

As we approach summer, we know that the inquiries for quality cooler bags will continue. This year, we have great news! We found an amazing cooler bag and our brand manager Elizabeth had the pleasure to put it through a warm weekend test. She loaded it with ice and beverages and toted it around to soccer, dance class and other weekend activities. The bag didn’t leak and it kept the ice for three days, even while it sat in the sun and my hot parked car. This bag is serious!

The bag is from the recognized retail brand iCool and although it too isnt cheap, the iCool is nearly half the cost of the Yeti. The cooler holds 24 cans, has a great roll down top, keeps ice for days and offer a great area for imprinting your logo. This is a gift that a client is surely going to enjoy!

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